Rezidence Kovadlina

obývací pokoj bytu 3+kk s výhledem na Lipenské jezero z teray

aktuálně: foto z průběhu výstavby červenec 2015!
Termín výstavby Duben 2015 - Listopad 2015
Počet apartmánů 5 (ještě 2 volné)
Cena od 1 990 000,- Kč
Dispozice bytů 2+kk, 3+kk

Photo Standard design

Standard design of apartments and flats at Kovarovsky peninsula, Lipno


1. Foundations foundation strips of mass concrete, concrete slab + water insulation
2. Structural bricks ceramic breeze blocks, 300 mm thickness, with an insulation system
ceramic adapting pieces, 80 or 140 mm thickness
wooden truss, carpenter, bound roof
concrete tiles BRAMAC
thermal insulation, 250 mm thickness
reinforced concrete slab - or filigree
of zinc plated sheet
8. Gutter paths house backfill with shingle, 50 cm width, concrete curb
9. Exterior plasters impasto coloured to thermal insulation system
10. Interior plasters lime stucco
11. Windows plastic white with thermally insulating triple glass, interior window sill - laminated, exterior sill - zinc plated sheet
12. Entrance door plastic, partially glazed in white colour, with double insul. glass and safety fittings, including a lock
13. Balcony door plastic, white, fitted with triple insulation glass
14. Interior door upon client's request, incl. fittings, in closed frame - pattern book Sapeli – up to CZK 10,000 incl. VAT.
15. Interior linings glazed ceramic tiles up to 2.0 m height as per personal choice of the client up to CZK 1,000/m2 excl. VAT
16. Tiles and floor coverings ceramic tiles with plinth, price CZK 1,000 excl. VAT/m2– WC + bathroom; free choice of floor covering in other rooms, up to CZK 1,000/m2 excl. VAT
17. Paintwork upon the request of client
18. Stairway wood without risers
19. Fittings WC combi white, washbasin white, shower cubicle upon the request of client - quality standard RAVAK, KERAMAG / selection EUROKER
20. Faucets lever faucet + outlet for washing machine in bathroom, quality standard RAVAK / selection EUROKER
21. Electrical installation copper wires under plaster, switches and sockets as per client's choice; lighting of terrace and entrance is included in the price, and is uniform for the entire house; other lights are not included in the delivery
22. Lightning conductor zinc plated receivers, leads and grounding
23. Light current TV and internet – WIFI connection
the unit has a separate secondary water meter
manifold of PVC tubes
electric boiler combined with sanitary hot water, adjustment on boiler, room thermostat in the living room, panel radiators, ladder type radiator in the bathroom, floor heating in the bathroom and WC - remote control of the heating via GSM portal
access to the entrance - interlocking pavement
1 park space - interlocking pavement or bitumen
humus sown with grass seed
vitrified tiles as per the client's choice at a price of CZK 1,000/m2 incl. VAT; terrace areas 18m2; electricity and water outlet to the terrace
  • 1. standard house design does not contain lights in interior.
  • 2. standard house design does not contain furniture.
  • 3. standard house design does not contain a fitted kitchen.
Apartment name Disposition Acreage (m2) Garden (m2) Terrace  (m2) Total price VAT included Sale status
B - Apartment 1+kk 32,7 37 15,6 - Reserved
C - Apartment 3+kk - 128 15,6 - Reserved
Rezidence Kovadlina - Kovářov Apartment D, 2+kk - zahrada, balkon 2+kk 33,3 - Reserved
Rezidence Kovadlina - Kovářov, Apartment E, 2+kk - balkon 2+kk 33,1 48 - Reserved